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About Us

Mousez Trade International has a Partnership with Kaplan International Colleges from a long time and soo many Students traveled and studied  there in UK and USA through us and here you find some Information about our Partner:

What is the Kaplan International Colleges?

-We recruit students from 120 countries

-We have Schools in 82 different locations around the world 

-We have partnerships with 150 leading universities and colleges 

-Of Our 130.000 students , 85.000 travel abroad for their studies

-With Mousez for Education now you can find your Preparation ILETS or TOEFL Course with us here in Cairo in our Center , just call us and we will arrange a small group to begin your  Course with the best Prices(Less than 30% from the British Council)

-We can also arrange the Accommodation for you in the UK with Kaplan International College