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The University of Liverpool awards scholarships to 64 LIC students

Congratulations to 64 students of Liverpool International College (LIC) who were awarded progression scholarships by the University of Liverpool.

The scholarships will be used towards their tuition fees whilst at the University of Liverpool.

On Friday 5th October 2012, all 64 scholarship winners were invited to attend LIC’s Community Day where they were presented with their scholarship certificate by Professor Michael Hoey, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Internationalisation at the University of Liverpool.

View the selection of photographs below that were taken at the scholarships presentation ceremony.

Can’t see the above Flickr photostream?

The achievements of LIC’s 2012 graduates are truly inspiring, and is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students and staff at Liverpool International College.

Read more about the scholarships offered at Liverpool International College.

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