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60 Second Interview: Fadi Dakkak

Fadi Dakkak became International Officer at The University of Sheffield in 2012. Four years earlier he had been a student at The Sheffield International College(SIC) having come here to study from Jordan.

Fadi is the first SIC graduate to become International Officer at the University, and we are thrilled that he took time to answer a few questions for us:


Q: You completed the Foundation Certificate in Science and Engineering at SIC in 2008. How did that prepare you for The University of Sheffield (TUoS)?

It was definitely a positive experience. The course at SIC helped me adapt to the lifestyle and the education system here in the UK. It was also the place where I met other international students who were in the same position as me, which made life easier when making friends.

Q: How did you become involved with The University of Sheffield’s Student Union? Who/what inspired you to run?

My first union experience was most probably the year after I finished my foundation course. A group of my friends were involved in organising events such as the Intro-Fiesta which really spurred me on and made me want to get involved. That is when I decided to join the International Students’ Committee (ISC).

Q: What types of activities or events are you thinking of organising now that you are a part of the International Students Committee?

As part of the ISC for the past 4 years, I have been involved in numerous events. One event that I was involved with and would like to see being continued for the next couple of years is the international language festival. It is definitely a great way to promote cultural integration at the university.

Q: How was it moving from SIC to TUoS? Was it easy to make friends and integrate with non-international students (home students)?

In all honesty, in my year at SIC almost all of my friends were international students. Moving onto university, my first encounter with home students was at my course of study. Making friends with them took a while, but it was worth it eventually.

Q: What do you like most about Sheffield, and why?

The total university experience. For me, Sheffield is one of the few cities around that portrays the university life. The number of parks and green sights is definitely good for stress relief (especially when it´s sunny!).

Q: What advice would you give to other international students who want to attend TUoS?

Work hard. Ever since starting my studies here in the UK, I was quick to notice that hard work is what counts the most. Another piece of advice is to have an open mind. That will definitely help enhance the studying abroad experience for international students and they will develop skills that are necessary for them to succeed in their lives and careers.

Q: Although it’s been four years, can you cast your mind back and tell us what the highlights were of your time at SIC?

My English classes at SIC were definitely one of my favourite highlights. Just being able to enjoy speaking English freely in class and interacting with the teachers helped me develop some necessary skills for university.

Q: How valuable do you think SIC is in spreading cultural awareness amongst students in Sheffield?

SIC is definitely a valuable tool in spreading cultural awareness among students. SIC students have the right to attend union events and activities. From there, when more and more international students attend and get more involved with the union, the real effect of the spread of cultural awareness can be seen.

Q: Have you always wanted to work in politics? Is this what your family and friends in Jordan would have guessed you’d end up doing?

Not at all! I was always interested in organising events and politics was never of much interest to me. However, after being involved in student council and realising the potential my voice had at university, I felt the need to make my voice heard and help get the international students voice heard as well.

Q: So what’s next for Fadi Dakkak in 2013?

Continue working to find ways to get more international students involved at the university and the students union. We have around 6000 international students and I aim to get more of them involved. I want to ensure that any plan of change at the university has the international student´s perspective when it´s being decided.

Fadi SIC
International student Fadi Dakkak on results night.

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