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History of UK Higher Education

The history of UK universities is rich and varied. Here you can learn about some of the discoveries that have been made by UK higher education, how it has expanded over the years and some famous alumni it has helped to shape…

‘Superscience’: discoveries and inventions in UK universities

UK higher education is world-famous for its achievements in scientific research. Click the graphic below to look at some of the amazing discoveries and inventions that UK universities have been involved in.

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Scientific discoveries and inventions

UK universities through the ages

Although they come in many shapes and sizes they generally fit into the following categories, which reflect the educational needs of period in which they were formed.

Ancient universities (founded before 1800)

Universities chartered in the 19th century

Red brick universities – mainly formed in the early 20th century

Plate glass universities – formed in 1960s

1992: The rise of the new universities

The growth of distance learning

Famous alumni

Throughout the history of UK education alumni have made major contributions to science, politics, the arts and many other fields of human achievement.

Take a look at some of the famous alumni to graduate from the UK’s top ten universities, including Isaac Newton, Mahatma Ghandi and Charles Darwin!
Famous alumni