Reasons to Study Abroad in Holland

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A country with only 17 million occupants, the Netherlands is widely recognized as a small nation with massive opportunities. Pursuing your master studies in Europe opens doors to multiple opportunities and studying in Netherlands gives you a rare opportunity to make the best of university education. The recent influx in the number of students enrolling for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in this country is an indication that it is indeed one of the best study destinations for international students looking to attain academic excellence.

After all, who will not fancy the idea of getting quality education in a country where 95% of the population speaks English and multicultural interaction is the order of the day? Of course, Mousez can help you complete the application process but before that, here are the 4 best reasons you should prioritize studying in this country.

1. Tons of English-Taught Programs

The Netherlands boasts a wide range of programs that are exclusively taught in English. Probably with the intent of attracting international students. Its 2100 English-taught programs make it one of the countries with the largest number of English language programs in Europe. Whether you are looking to enroll for Ph.D. or master studies in Europe, most of the lecturers in some of the best universities in Holland are bilingual and can deliver the content the right way. The best part? 95% of the population speaks the language itself, enabling easier integration into the country.

2. Affordable Programs

Quality matched with affordability gives you excellent value for your investment. And this is exactly what the best universities in Holland provide. While the tuition fees and the cost of living in other European nations such as the UK can get ridiculously high, the opposite is true for the Netherlands. For instance, the average tuition fee is approximately €2000 for students from the European Union and below €7000 for non-EU students. Compare this to the whopping $26000 you would pay for studying in the US and you’ll agree that it is indeed a worthy investment. Not to mention the availability of scholarships and grants that can considerably reduce the tuition fees if you study in Holland. Sounds pretty cool. Right? Then let our website help you out with the application process.

3. Innovative Methods of Learning

When it comes to advanced teaching methods using modern training facilities then the Dutch educational system is head and shoulders above the rest. Unlike what you will find in many nations, the best universities in Holland prioritize teamwork. Students are equipped with vital skills such as creative thinking, problem-solving, and analysis. No wonder it is recognized as the global leader in technical courses.

4. Strategic Location

Bordered by Germany to the East and Belgium to the west in addition to sharing maritime borders with the UK and France, Netherlands is with no doubt the gateway to Europe. It only takes a three-hour flight to visit Paris while a six-hour train ride gets you to London. If you are a partying geek or a touring enthusiast then there’s so much at stake if you choose to study in Holland.

So, if you are looking for the best country to pursue your master studies in Europe then the Netherlands is your best bet. Still not convinced? Check out reliable websites to find valuable information on what it takes to study in Holland and how you can complete the application process hassle-free.

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